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Real talk: Who still blogs?

Does anyone blog anymore?

I know the actual answer to that and it's yes. My whole job depends on it (no, I don't blog for a living; LOL, good one), but it's a different world out there. I know I'm just a bratty baby that's forgotten what it was like to be Jenny from the block. All these rocks that I got got you fooled?

But really.

There was a time in a swampy land back in yonder year where I wrote in this little box five or more times a week. Back when I didn't know about big fancy bloggers with c/o errythang and I clicked the "next blog" button at the top of in hopes of finding someone who also updated more than once every few months for a year back when their college professor assigned them a blogging project.

Back when I wanted an iPhone so bad just because Instagram wasn't available yet on my Droid and I could not wait to get that Hefe filter in and around my face.

Back when all my bloggy friends still wrote, commented, participated in linkups and lol'd at gifs with me on the reg.

Back when I'd run every day and have no one to cry to when I fell on my face, so I'd blog about it instead.

Back when I still entered giveaways and thought I might actually win.

Back when I couldn't wait to get home so I could use my fancy work-issued DSLR to shoot vegan Almond Joys or Douchey Song Lyrics.

Back when some of those big guys didn't have sponsors or more than 100 readers yet (now they're all 25k'in it up on Instagram).

But now? Now I'm out of the loop. Most of my peers got busy, moved on, switched directions or lost touch. The ones that are still around post as infrequently as I do, and I haven't exactly been a loyal reader, engager, lover of words myself.

I'm uninspired and I take my now-owned DSLR camera, tripod and willing-to-take-OOTDs-for-me boyfriend for granted. You'd think they'd make it easier to pump out content and yet here I am, taking less What I Wore Wednesday posts now than when I used a point-and-shoot perched atop an iced tea pitcher and rolly chair.

What's going on here? Have I lost the passion? Am I trying to be something I'm not and therefore no longer interested/interesting? Is no one reading? Am I boring the living poop out of the few people still silently peeking in the shadows? Or are you all from--gasp--a quick and dirty Google search and you'll run out before breakfast?

I want to bring back that fire, guys. I want to ignite the flame in your Internet loins. Shoot, forget your loins, I want my own bloggy loins to be on fire.

Fact: I just Googled 'loin' and I'm particularly fond of this definition: a large cut of meat that includes the vertebrae of the loins.

Anyway, I think what I'm trying to say is I want to write more and think less. 

I'd love to be pointed in the direction of other bloggers out there doing that as well.

Tell me, which blog URLs do you still type into your address bar every day? Which ones do you feel a little more disappointed than you should when their content is a day or two old? What makes you excited to procrastinate a bit and why? 

Let's talk about this. I'm not ready for it to be over. It's not you, it's me.


  1. I agree to all of this. It makes me worried sometimes! I love your blog. feel free to check out mine!

  2. Uggggh. I knowwwwww. I just totally revamped mine in hopes that I'll get it back, that bloggy fire deep in the soul. I just don't know if we're angsty enough anymore... ;)

  3. I JUUUUUUST got back, sooo....whoops! hahahaha

  4. My sidebar is where it's at. Real gals, real talk. I don't begrudge a blogger her sponsored posts, but what you think of the swag you were gifted by Modcloth or the five ways you think I should be using a Sharpie have n-o-t-h-i-n-g to do with why I blog now, or why I started blogging back in—ready?—2008. I want the words. I want the people. I want the connections and the friendships, not the fandom and free shit.
    I can't really say why I haven't burned out of blogging yet. I mean, on past blogs, I have, and I closed them. But that I still post a few times a week after over a year here has to be some kind of record for me. And I think it's because I just don't give a shit about anything other than the things I feel like writing about. If it's on my mind, if I'm thinking about it in the shower, if I'm thinking about it while I run, I'll probably turn it into a blog post. And for me, that's really just been the formula behind some of my most beloved posts.
    I don't know if this gives you anything you were looking for and sorry for swearing on your blog, but that's what I felt compelled to say here ;)

  5. There are SO MANY awesome blogs out there that are still updated pretty much daily. Bloglovin is getting to be a fun way to find some for me. Now that they show you more than just the 300K followed fashion bloggers.

  6. I know exactly how you feel! I used to love blogging many moons ago until it all seemed to turn into a fight to basically buy readers. What happen to free button swaps?! Hahaha. I am just now getting back into the swing of things but I haven't quite gotten that fire back--hopefully soon!

  7. Also, I hate that the blogosphere has turned into paid sponsorships and the blogger never posts any true content. I refuse to read those.

  8. There are a ton of awesome blogs out there. My favorites are and

    But, I'm with you. When I started blogging about 3 years ago (I had a different blog then), I was reading tons of blogs that have now made it big. I LOVED reading their blogs... but now that they're big, most of their content is paid sponsorship crap. I'm there to read about your life, not read about what beauty product you "love" because you get paid to post about it.

  9. Amen to your entire blog post! I love reading the blogs that are in my sidebar mainly because I feel like they are the ones who keep it real. They write when they have something to say, or even if it's just to share a funny. They engage with me and I love having their blogs to read.

    I feel like blogosphere has definitely become one big paid sponsorship, but I do love when I come across bloggers who are in it for more than that

  10. I've felt that way a lot. I'm not a bif fan of sponsored posts and if I get huge ads on the blog, I'm closing it. I like the real stories. The ones that say how they feel. The ones that talk about real experiences and real travels and the like. I love book related blogs too. Always good to find something new to read. One of my favorites is See You In A Porridge. Love her site dearly. And I still check in every so often because I love her style. But yeah. I miss the blogs that talk about real life and then you have comment wars back and forth on then discover new bloggers through their recommendations and comments and so on.


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  12. We out here! I miss you and your writing like a crazy person and I'm still here sometimes lurking and sometimes leaving inappropriate comments. Do what you love and be proud to share who you are!

    Just remember this: I met you via giveaway. <3


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