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What I Wore + Winner

Sweater: Lauren Conrad / Boots: Steve Madden / Necklace: PacSun

This is one of my real-life outfits. As in I wore this all day before taking these photos. As in there are many times when I wear PJs all day and then change into a crazy outfit I'm too scared to wear out in public and have a fashion show from the comfort of my backyard and promptly change out of it to edit the photos from the comfort of my PJs again. I'm very curious as to how these fashion posts will evolve when I'm living in California and can't hide in my backyard with my makeshift tripod, which is actually a chair with an upside-down tea pitcher with my mom's camera resting on top of it. Yea, I'm pretty good at improvising when I need to. 

But not this time. This is an everyday outfit with one of my absolute favorite sweaters, which was dubbed by my loving friends as my "mom sweater." Let me elaborate. We're all in St. Augustine and we've been doing a lot of day drinking and cornhole playing, then we go back to the hotel to get ready to start night drinking in downtown St. Augustine. As we're getting ready, Jenn paints this glitter eyeliner onto my eyes that stings like a mofo and the temperature outside is dropping down to, like, 40 degrees (freezing, I tell you). All the girls start putting on their skin-tight, short dresses, crop tops, skirts and hooker heels, while I take my tipsy self over to my bag and whip out this sweater, jeans and boots and pour myself another Solo cup of Patron.

Commence the "You're wearing a MOM SWEATER!!!" comments.
To which I replied, "It's effing cold outside. I'm a MILF." 
Then, just for good measure, I asked several men in different establishments we visited whether my sweater was, in fact, a mom sweater. To which they replied, "No.. Are you a mom..?"

So that's the story of my mom sweater.
Moving on.. Ning F. is the winner of my Firmoo glasses giveaway. Congratulations! I will be contacting you shortly.

Linking up here as always. :)


  1. your mom sweater would work PERFECTLY here in wisconsin. FYI.

  2. I love your sweater! Super cute. And also, hi :)

  3. Cute necklace!

    Julia at Glitterandjuls.com


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