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St. Augustine

Have you ever played corn hole on the beach while drinking the world's fruitiest hunch punch from the world's biggest bubba keg with the world's coolest people? No? Well, I have. And I highly recommend it. Even though St. Augustine beach decided to turn abnormally arctic on us by the time the sun went down, my girls and I had a fabulous time being wildly (and loudly) inappropriate, flirting with boys, making strangers laugh at us, eating Pringles, throwing goldfish at each other, hot tubbing, taking shots of Patron from coffee mugs, bar hopping, brunching and being absolutely ridiculous.
I have had more fun in the last couple weeks than I have in a very long time. More excited stomach butterflies, more laughter to the point of tears, more smiling 'til it hurts and more happiness. I have great friends and a great life. I'm feeling very, very grateful. Happy birthday, Katie. We are going to miss you so much. Best beginning to the week, ever.


  1. The temperature here in MN has been sub zero the past couple days, so this definitely looks AMAZING. So jealous!

    samm @

  2. I love St. Augustine! Great photos!


  3. Patron shots out of coffee mugs?! Where do I sign up? All of your pictures look like such a great time!

  4. st. augustine?! i live here! it's beautiful and practically perfect in every way :) besides too many very very old people who drive very very slowly and erratically.

    have a wonderful weekend!



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