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What I Wore Bloopers II

There was a time when I used to post photos of my outfits every Wednesday, or every third Wednesday at the very least. That hasn't happened in quite some time, but I just realized it's been a hot minute since I last showed you my selfie sesh outtakes. December of 2013 was the last time in fact--you can see those here. Now let's see the monstrosities I've accrued in the last 20ish months.
 I call this pose, "stares longing into split ends."
 A furrowed brow is sexy and dramatic. Or so I thought.
 This is my Queen Bey impression. Bow down, bitches.
 Such a sad librarian.
More drama. Or do I smell those skunks that used to frolic around my old apartment at all hours of the day?
 This is what I look like when I'm 'bout to throw some 'bows.
 Hunchbackin' it with a sausage dog butt hole. Classic.
And finally, I whip my hair back and forth.

How often do you take terrible photos of yourself?

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  1. Hahahaa! I get my kids to take most of my photos, so I have many ''bloopers'' of me obviously trying to tell them what to do, or obviously keeping an eye on whichever one isn't holding the camera, or yelling at someone. lol These are great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think the queen bey impression is actually pretty good, to be honest :)

  3. haha you are a beauty queen even in your outtakes! Most of my outtakes have three chins.

  4. Love these! I have a file filled with some recent bloopers, I'm just saving them for the right day. haha That second picture is actually really pretty!


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