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What I Wore: The Bloopers

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself, right? Right. I present to you my What I Wore outtakes (as inspired by this post).
"I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy."
The shrubs are NGAF about my emo pigeon toed fashion blogger pose. Gimme dat fringeeeee.
So you might've seen a similar photo in this post, but what you may not know is my idiot brain forgot how forward facing screens work and went back to the drawing board after the above photos to create this sign...
Turns out I'm kind of a champion when it comes to writing backwards. Also, I'm a big dumbass.
I'm pretty sure this is me auditioning to be a part of the Village People.
"Maybe if I just stare into the sun and pretend like I'm enjoying my retinas burning out of my skull, it'll look really artsy."
The happy dance with just a hint of constipation.
Super adorbz right? But then, BAM sausage dog butthole photo bomb.

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  1. lol this totally cheered me up.
    big shout outs to the emo pigeon toe pose. classic.

  2. ha! you're still adorable! I look like this every damn time I try to take fashiony pictures. Love that lace dress at the end. I

  3. bahaha. You're just too cute, friend! Love these outtakes. :)

  4. And you're STILL gorgeous even when you look crazy! :)
    love your blog!

  5. But you still look cute! My outtakes (and some snaps) are DERP!


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