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Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I did a lot of birthday celebrating. I baked a whole lot of cupcakes, including Taylor Swift themed ones, and I managed to pull off the oxymoronic ice cream s'more cake with toasted marshmallows on top (recipe to come). I spent a night eating In-N-Out while drinking champagne and painting. I spent a night indoor mini-golfing (terribly I might add) and eating Mission burritos. I might've even had a celebrity spotting (did anyone else watch Greek?). My trick candles might've been a fire hazard on multiple occasions, but I think they were worth the smoke and surplus of spit. I received this dress from The Mint Julep Boutique and I have a sweet giveaway (plus better photos) coming this week. Sunday might've been one of the the laziest day of my life, but overall it's been a lovely weekend full of lovely people. How did you spent the last few days?


  1. I need that s'mores cake in my life STAT. That looks so awesome!

  2. So do you do half birthdays? And by "do them" I mean do them with me?! <3<3 You're the cutest in your dress, I can't wait to see what it looks like as you whimsically frolic through a field of grass!

  3. Happy birthday!!! Mine was yesterday! That cake looks absolutely delicious! Now I just wish it was summer even more now!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Love all of these pictures! Especially the Taylor inspired ones!!!


  5. That s'mores cake needs to get in my belly! It looks so delicious. Happy happy birthday :D

  6. Whoa! That smore cake is amazing! Can you send me the recipe?? Also I would have freaked if I saw Amber West, she's also in Revenge on ABC


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