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Things I've been emailing myself

I have a really really ridiculous long thread going on in my inbox and it's all from me. I keep trying to remember to look at things by emailing them to myself, but then I'm just overwhelmed when I go to try to find it within said thread, so instead I'm going to sort through it and give you guys the highlights.

This dude's artwork is super rad. Who wants to go to Australia with me to check out his upcoming exhibit?

I've always been a fan of The Streets, but I just realized A Grand Don't Come For Free tells a story from start to finish, so now I'm obsessed. What can I say? I'm a sucker for creative storytelling.

Then I stumbled upon this interview with Mike Skinner because I'm not a big enough fan to know things like when they break up four years ago, but interesting nonetheless.

I just learned the word 'corporeal.' I like it.

I think I'm ready to try baking a fancy-pants cake like this one.

An interesting thought on getting into your "angry place."

Cutest blogging couple ever (hint: they're both super hot).

I'm obsessed with Pharrell. Those jammies.

If you have issues figuring out your site statistics (like I do..) this might help.

These DIY photo backdrops blew my freaking mind.

I want to see this.

Anybody else who never got to go to summer camp and desperately wanted to? Let's do this!

I'm doing this as soon as I am settled somewhere officially for longer than 12 months.

Want to fall in love with me? Here's how.

My newest boot purchase (heart eyes).

10 helpful blogging apps.

I'm getting to work on checking all these Bay Area must-do's off the list.

This blogger rocks and this post made me feel things.

Get shit done.

This list is getting robust, and I'm not even halfway through. Perhaps there will be a part two.
What links have you been emailing/texting/pinning lately? Send 'em on over.

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