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Taking risks

Hat: Urban Outfitters / Top: Chaser / Dress: Three Thirty Couture / Tights: Urban Outfitters / Booties: Target
You might recognize this beauty of a head piece from this post, and if you must know, I now own several pairs of those socks and at least one pair of those booties, too. I guess when you drag cute little images around in Photoshop long enough it puts you into a less-than-budget-conscious trance. Despite my obsession with this hat, the idea of it and the real life version, I'm terrified to wear it. In fact, everything about this outfit scares me: hat (I never wear hats unless it's like 2 degrees out and there's a giant pom on top, of course), tight skirt (I generally try not to draw attention to the derriere), crop top (especially of the big armpit hole variety) and tights (they're the softest, warmest, heavenliest tights I've ever owned.. might just be the game changer).

I'm not so sure what it is about clothing that scares me--maybe it's another form of pigmalabiaphobia. Clothing can be a pretty powerful tool though. A kickass dress or perfectly fitting jeans can give me the biggest confidence boost, while the tiniest stain on a white shirt can turn me into a crumpled pile of embarrassment the moment someone dares to look my way. But why should something I constantly admire on other people, like hats, croptops or big donks in tight skirts, make me self conscious? It shouldn't. Just like taking my car to the mechanic or asking a sales associate where the canned coconut milk is shouldn't.

I'm not going to let it. I've taken more risks in the past two years than the 23 previous ones combined, and I'm not stopping now. No more doubting the bright red lips or the rad hat or my competency at the carwash. I'm capable. You're capable. We got this.

Now I just have to venture out beyond my balcony..

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  1. I was talking to a friend a couple weeks ago about wanting to wear red lipstick, but not being brave enough to leave the house with it on. She said, "Well, I'd know it wasn't something you'd normally wear, and you'd know it's something different, but would anyone else? Anyone you just see while you're out? No. They'd have no idea you're wearing it for the first time."

    So, that's my new train of thought: remember that no one knows it's something different. Wear it like you've worn it a million times before.

    I love that outfit, by the way. And you have the perfect hair for that hat.

  2. Okay, thank you for these pictures because I just decided that I'm going to challenge myself to wear a dress or skirt at least once a week because I have too many cute ones sitting in my closet that I never think to wear even though I have a bunch of tights and cute layering things and I just need to shake things up. I have a dress very similar to this and it almost never comes out to play, because I'm not creative enough to do something like this. But now I'm gonna try. And I love the sentiments in this post too. Dare, girl. You got this.

  3. Ditto to everything Alyssa said above ^^ do you girl and keep on taking those risks!

  4. My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun! But really, you rocked it and I love thee.

  5. LOVE your hat!!!



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