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What I Wore

Sweater: LA MADE / Scarf: Octavia / Leggings: Target / Boots: Steve Madden

Happy Friday, friends! I got my first box from Stitch Fix the other day and inside of it was this magical scarf. Okay, so I knew it was coming because I picked it out for myself, but it's just as cozy, beautiful, not-itchy and magical in real life as I hoped it would be. This sweater was also inside and it's reversible, so it's kind of like I got two sweaters and if you've seen me at all lately then you know that all I want to wear is a different sweater every day always and forever. Well, except when the sun comes out and my house heats up to 80 degrees and I want to wear nothing forever and always. Now that you have that visual in your head (you're welcome), can we talk about my hair? We're obviously getting deep on this lovely Friday, but seriously--look at it. The ombre is back (dun dun dunnn). I've been battling the blonde for almost three years now. Back in January I implored my stylist to rid my head of the blonde bits for good. She did, but she also warned me that my at-home dye job(s) had lightened the rest of my head and the ombre would be back. She was right, and this is what I get for only getting my hair done once in 10 months. Ain't nobody got time for haircuts. Aaaand on that note, I'm out of here. In the words of Priory, "it's the weekend."


  1. stop being so cute. also i want details about the new job. I MISS YOU

  2. i'm with brooke, deets on the new job! aaaaaaand i want that scarf!!

  3. thirding the request for job details and also can I borrow that sweater?

  4. But the ombre isn't THAT bad (this time) <3<3


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