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I Confess..

I woke up like this. Literally.

I've been complaining about the weather. In case you have forgotten, I live in Northern California and I used to live in Central Florida and therefore I have NO RIGHT. But I've been doing it anyway. I'm freezing in the morning and I'm sweating my arse off by noon. I just feel so deceived. And to top it off, the iPhone's software update makes finding the weather forecast a two or even three step process. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

In addition to being a massive brat (see above confession), I have this really strong urge to use excessive italics, bolds and CAPITALS. I don't understand what's happening to me. My words just no longer feel expressive enough. Still haven't resorted to abundant exclamation points though because they really are the WORST.

I watched the pilot episode of "Selfie" last night. I am forever dumber because of it. I can't get those brain cells back, y'all. Apparently neither could Harold of the & Kumar fame after all that ganja and White Castle consumption.

The other day I got the urge to make macarons of all things. My brain is like, "Oh you're too busy to make dinner for yourself, do laundry or write your blog posts every day like you've been doing for the past three years? Here's a good idea: Learn how to make the most complicated and useless pastry that you're not even sure if you like. Think of the Insta-pics!"

I hate the word "basic." Maybe this is because it's generally used to describe the type of person I am. But, still. Stop it.

I finished season four of Pretty Little Liars. I love this show. This is a confession in itself, really. They wear great clothes, deliver cheesy lines in the best way possible and constantly put themselves in the sketchiest of circumstances while wearing heels. And I NEED season five. Who can teach me how to watch it from the internet without contracting computer STDs? Has anyone read the books? Should I bother?

Speaking of books, I have approximately 12 on my list right now and accidentally started a new one when I got locked out of my nanny family's house all day on my last day. Oh, did I not mention that I managed to keep a 14-month-old alive entertained while spending five hours outside in
90+ degree heat? #champion

What do you confess? Go link up with Kathy.


  1. *BASIC*ally I love you. (caps and *'s express my love more aggressively, but still not "!!!!" aggressive)

  2. Our weather has been doing that to me - it's all freezing cold in the a.m. and then a few hours later I am dying of heat stroke. I saw the ads for Selfie and couldn't bring myself to watch it, now I am glad I didn't.

  3. just like our weather too! it's so cold in the AM (as in i have to turn on the seat warmers) and then boiling in the afternoon!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  4. I totally risk my life and watch PLL on project free TV because winning. I can't wait for this super awkward Halloween special since Thanksgiving already happened but whatever!

    Southern Belle Secrets


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