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Hello friends! It feels like such a long time since I aired my dirty laundry for your entertainment, so here I am with some humpday confessions. What better way to break my silence/weekend-post-only streak than with some embarrassing factoids about little old me? Yeah, okay, here goes.

-I had my first pumpkin flavored latte today and told myself I wasn't just like all the other generic white females because a) I wasn't wearing yoga pants at the time and b) it was from Peet's, not Starbucks. Then I took a selfie and realized they were lies, but I enjoyed every second of it.

-I started a free trial at a gym near my apartment and since I haven't lifted weights or done much strength training at all besides yoga here and there in the past couple months, I literally couldn't lift as much as the 80-year-old woman doing the circuit in front of me.

-I also didn't bring a towel. ALL the sweat on ALL the machines.

-The other night I flirted with a server via credit card receipt. Because I'm 12.

-I was on a treadmill facing a huge window facing the street and while sweating my beet red face off, said server walked by. I'm 79% sure he recognized me.

-While practicing back bend kick overs the other day (because I'm constantly preparing for a fictitious gymnastic meet), I smashed my shins into a chair. It hurt like a mofo, but the bruises have not been nearly as impressive as the pain continues to be. I find this weirdly disappointing.

-There are a lot of serious blog topics floating around my brain and notes app lately, but I can't bring myself to start them, so I imagine hitting 'publish' once I finish any of them will be that much more difficult.

-I finally got the demon watch to stop beeping at me every night and I didn't even use a hammer!! This is not a confession so much as a truly great accomplishment.

-I keep listening to the same music on Spotify over and over. Can someone please send me a playlist full of new music, every song of which will blow my mind? That would be great. Thanks.

That's all I've got for now. Happy humpday! Go link up with Kathy.


  1. But why couldn't the cute server see your back-bend kick-over fail? Much more entertaining!

    And please, have the courage to write and publish the wonderful things going on in your head. If not to the world, at least to yourself (with a blind cc to me!)

  2. 'don't wanna be your girl' by wet. you're welcome

  3. I do the same thing on spotify, but I also absolutely stole their TBT 00's jams, if you want those -->

  4. hahaha I bet that server was impressed, I haven't even seen a flirt via receipt in years!

  5. If you get new music plz send it my wayyyy

    Also I wish I saw your back bend fail. But seriously when bruises don't show up..UGH

  6. I listen to the saaaaammmmmeeee things over and over too. I have no idea where to even look for new tunes!

  7. I just searched Anberlin on Spotify and got a pretty good mix. Possibly because we listened to the 90s/00s radio stations for a while and I liked a bunch of songs while listening to that. Maybe.

  8. i wish i could record this amazing channel in siriusXM radio called BackSpin - allll 90s hip-hop/RnB tracks. then i forget what i listened to so i can't add to my mp3 player!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. I love Pumpkin latees! And your sweet and funny confessions! Try a hand at one of my DIY projects at http://

  10. one of my all-time favorite things to do is stalk your spotify.

  11. These are fantastic confessions. Especially the two-parter about the server. EVERY TIME. XD

    Hope things are doin alright on your end chica <3

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