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I confess..

-I've been using the PartyParty app by A Beautiful Mess constantly, but it's always my face or the dude baby's.

-My body produced more sweat yesterday on the way to my interview than it did that evening when I ran four miles.

-Getting myself to run those four miles was not an easy task. I probably should've consulted this post instead of guilt-tripping myself super hard.

-The guilt-trip was not difficult, however, because I have approximately two pairs of shorts that fit me comfortably right now -- aka about five pairs that don't.

-I'm too excited/nervous/exploding with emotions to write, think, take photos or blog properly this week.

-My parents are arriving from Florida tonight which means I actually did laundry last night, which means the world got to see my janky laundry basket again.

-This will be the first time I've ever had my parentals sleep over at a place of my own! It feels grownup and weird and awesome.

-I want to take them to Berkeley specifically for a meat shake. This probably won't be a problem considering I inherited my affinity for Bloody Marys from my dad.

-My favorite meal to make lately is Ramen noodles with an egg. This is probably the only meal I'll be able to home cook for them while they're here. Aaaand the grownup status is gone.

-Every time I've worn heels anywhere in the past six months, I've brought sandals in my purse for later when I'll inevitably be miserable. Why are heels so freakin' cute? I almost wish they didn't exist.

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  1. Have you seen those little fold-up flats that fit in a clutch? My friend swears by them. How'd the interview go?!

  2. I almost always regret heels about an hour after putting them on!

  3. Ramen with an egg. I have serious doubts about making it to my next paycheck. You may have just saved me!!!!

  4. I always sweat when I'm nervous too. How annoying! And honestly, it's pretty embarrassing too :S I hope it wasn't as bad for you. How did your interview go?

  5. ha! i'm the same. i stash flip flops with me whenever i wear heels because i hate driving with them.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  6. No, why do YOU have to be so freakin' cute!?

  7. Well, I'd say if you can make one meal with protein that you can survive off of...you're doing okay :) have a wonderful time with your parents!

    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

  8. I wish that I had your discipline to run four miles, or run any miles for that matter ;)

  9. oh god yes, the anxious sweats. I get them so so so bad. Dolman sleeves are my best friend, they don't allow pit stains to show haha. Have fun with your parents!

  10. Its totally okay to bring flats along in your purse. I do it all the time. haha. by the way i just found your blog from over on lauren's sidebar (lot 48) - I was just out browsing new people to meet and glad I came across your blog! Excited to be following along now on GFC and Bloglovin!

  11. Love you blog! So glad I stumbled across it, now i'm addicted to the Party Party app because of you!

    Kristin xx

  12. I completely agree with parents visiting makes you feel like a grown up ;) lol

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