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Things I learned this weekend

1. Grainy mirror selfies get more likes on Instagram than donuts and sushi individually, but not combined.
2. A lacy LC dress can double as a 20s flapper dress if you've got the right shoes.
3. Immersive plays are freaking incredible, but impossible to document when the immersion includes transporting the audience to a Speakeasy where iPhones are not yet invented.
4. They didn't play around with their cocktails in the 1920s -- I guess I knew that already because drinking during prohibition was probably like drinking before 21.
5. When wearing heels (out) for the first time in over a year, it's a fantastic idea to bring a spare set of flip flips in your purse, you know, for when you're transported back to 2014.
6. When you're hung over and have a dog to attend to, Pringles and Arizona tea make a perfectly acceptable breakfast.
7. No one will charge you a $250 fee if you stick said breakfast in your purse before hopping on the train.
8. If there's a maple bacon donut in your proximity, it's essential that you buy and consume it immediately (even if there is a crazy man showing you his belly button and yelling "tu!" in your face -- persevere!)
9. I am most comfortable buying, cooking and eating breakfast meats. I am never without bacon and sausage, but other carnivorous delicacies are nowhere to be found.
10. Lattes are more fun to drink when they have fun designs swirled into them. Whatever, I already knew that, too.
11. The San Jose Earthquakes put on an exciting/stressful soccer game.
12. Catching up with a friend you haven't seen since middle school requires more than 2 hours of allotted time (but so fun!).
13. Keds become significantly less comfortable after walking miles around San Francisco in them. Without socks.
14. I suck at doing normal things (*cough* blogging *cough*) when I have a busy weekend.

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  1. How awesome that you got to go to a speakeasy place! I've been wanting to go to one but we don't have any near where I live. Bah humbug. Sounds like you had a really fun weekend!

  2. i love that dress, fabulous! that breakfast sounds like a good snack right about now ;)

  3. Oh my god I want to buy you a maple bacon donut and have you eat it while I shout "tu!" in your face - showing you my belly button (filming this). Imagine it. Picture it. Dream it.

  4. That immersive sounds awesome! And I'm swooning over that dress and those shoes. Glad to hear you had such a fun weekend!

  5. I love that dress and those heels! Super cute. And my selfies always get more likes than some "pretty" photo I've arranged or mountain I've climbed. haha
    Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I've never tried a maple bacon doughnut before... sad? I don't love bacon...

  6. Things I learned: You're still adorable. :)

  7. that dress is so pretty! also im seriously contemplating hiring you as my live in chef.

  8. yay for soccer games! they are actually really fun in real life, right?!


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