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I dare you

Along with my salads, cardio and strength training, I've been eating dark chocolate all week. Do not let my Tone It Up enthusiasm fool you, friends. I am pretty excited, however, to say that I ran twice this week and I've been sore just about every day from TIU work outs. Also, that was one dank salad. Chia seeds should be in salads always. There's Ziggy licking her nose and a list of things I'm grateful for as a response to this challenge. Basically I'm feeling fired up, motivated and super excited for this weekend, so instead of rambling on I will leave you with two of my favorite things in one video: truth or dare and Shakira (duh). A beautiful 3 minutes and 13 seconds of pure bliss.  

Now go back that azz up with Whitney. Happy Friday!


  1. ToneItUp girls gonna give me that Shakira bod!!!!

  2. Show me what TIU videos your're doing!!! Please <3

  3. ^ pardon that typo, I had a beer today.

  4. Agreed re: chia seeds & salad. A match made in healthy heaven. Have a wonderful {& productive} weekend!

  5. I need to have my chia seeds readily available so i can put them on everything!
    Not sure if I like Shakira's rap and "LETGA"...haha, but I certainly like the beat!
    Hips don't lie my friend :)
    Andie's Traveling Pants

  6. Yes... that salad. I am crushing on chia and strawberries right now too. And I love that song!!!

  7. Oh TIU. Hurts so bad all the time. I think I'm gonna need to blast some Shakira while I get those miles in!


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