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I took a walk

Yesterday I took a break from the soul sucking process of job searching to explore Fort Funston in San Francisco. The pure unadulterated joy on my dog's face as she sprinted through the wet sand with her big beagle ears flopping in the wind was exactly what I needed. I walked while she pranced for miles and miles along the beach smiling with my whole face at other puppies and their parents along the way. We watched the fog melt slightly as we climbed rocks and admired the graffiti. Ziggy ate washed up dead crabs and rubbed her face and body in anything smelly while I laughed and resolved to bathe her.

I savored the way the barely dried sand crackled under my feet and studied the footprints that came before me. I wondered what made their creators decide to come out, how long their mark would remain and if they'd see mine, wondering the same about my journey and my four-legged friend. I made up their histories, placing them in jobs that would warrant a Wednesday afternoon off. I saw a large piece of driftwood and briefly entertained the thought of a mermaid basking in the fog. I hummed songs that were stuck in my head over and over again and I thought about how different the whole day would've been had I brought a companion who could talk. Someone that could override the constant and bizarre flow of thoughts I was completely alone with. I wondered if I'd think back on the day with more fondness or if I'd just feel like my time with me had been impeded.

I wondered why people are so afraid of being alone and how quick they are to dismiss the idea of courting their own thoughts. I considered the times I had spent listening to another's stream of thoughts. I briefly remembered being in the company of a brain who's stream seemed to entwine perfectly with mine, but it had been too long. I could barely remember. I thought it was probably a nice feeling. I wondered if I'd feel it again.

Then Ziggy hastily jumped over a rock formation intersecting an incoming wave, her tail tucked between her legs to emphasize her distaste for cold, rushing water. I giggled and waited for the wave to retreat, but I waited too long. She was already jumping back over the rock of death to make sure I was coming with her. I pushed all the other thoughts out to make room for the complete gratitude I felt for this little sausage of a dog and focused on that feeling for the rest of the walk.


  1. when i first saw the title of this post, i was hoping this would be the song you would pick for your day alone at the beach with the zigmister!

  2. Glad you were able to get out and have a peaceful afternoon. That looks like some place I want to be always. I'd never leave if I were you! And I'm in love with your pup.

  3. LOVE this song, and this post is phenomenal. I do the same thing when I'm off by myself. I do so, so much thinking, and I always return refreshed and rejuvenated and/or inspired and motivated.

  4. Hey cute stuff. When you come see Jessi, you guys will have to take a side trip to our Beach house!

  5. This is excellent! You have a beautiful way with words. I feel the same about being alone. It can be so refreshing but so many people are afraid to even go to a restaurant by themselves. This reminded me of this song too. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3UoS3AqjdlM

    1. Song recommendations are my very favorite. Thank you!

  6. The beach will be a whole different experience with the pup! So glad you had a good day. :)

  7. When I saw a photo dump I decided to plank for the entire post..... then you hit me with words. Thanks for the sweat! haha what my mom said - both that you're cute and we need to go beach wandering.

  8. Just found your blog and I am in love! I love the photos you posted on this post! I look forward to reading more posts!!


  9. I absolutely love the photos you shared! A walk on the beach is perfect. Glad you had such an amazing time :)


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