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I confess..

-My glasses are supposed to be for far away things but it's been getting increasingly difficult just to see the laptop a few feet in front of me. This combined with my D.A.R.E. t-shirt means I look like a fifth grade boy right now.

-I bought this new layout on Etsy and had trouble installing it despite its perfectly clear directions. (Like it? I know it's kind of boring, but I wanted something simple for now.)

-I sort of despise those bloggers who catch on to design/HTML as if it's an innate trait. IT'S NOT.

-I wanted to do an outfit post today and despite being off work all week, I have not once had the desire to make myself look presentable for photos, so you're welcome for that gorgeous photo up there. #nofilter

-I have applied to what feels like an obscene amount of jobs since Monday and even though it's only Wednesday, I'm already disappointed about not hearing back from any of them yet. I need instant gratification, y'all. I also need to be employed so I won't be homeless by my 25th birthday (insert awkward, not-funny laughter here).

-That last confession has caused me to sit behind my computer almost constantly for the past 48 hours taking breaks only for blogging, The Mindy Project and working out. Oh, and food sometimes.

-It has also made me want to see a psychic so someone else can make my difficult life decisions for me. Anybody out there have clairvoyance powers they want to use on me for free?

-I'm currently reading three different books. I do not have the mental capacity for this. I don't know what I was thinking but I can't stop.

-I bought almond milk iced coffee and I love it, but it's basically just caffeinated chocolate milk.

-I still haven't gotten the trackpad on my laptop fixed. This means when I am internet-ing from my bed, I have a cookbook beside me that I can rest my cheapo-cord-attached mouse on.

-I recently created a playlist called "New Shit" because I'm classy like that and I super love it. Check it out.

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  1. I like the new layout! Also, if you ever want to chat about these things, I know a gal. ;)

  2. I love your new layout, and was actually going to comment on it even before you mentioned it. Simple is good. I like simple. Also, I had no idea you could buy layouts on Etsy! Thanks for teaching me something today.

    And I'm not clairvoyant, but I'm told I give good advice — major life decisions are my forte. You know where to send an email if you need :)

  3. Get in my van, fifth grade boy.

    Any applications to move you to Portland? I know a place you could live!

  4. I am clueless when it comes to design and HTML- definitely not innate!

  5. Jessi stop trying to get everyone to move to Portland! But seriously, you should Mackensie.

  6. I laughed so hard at the "insert awkward not funny laughter here." Because, you know, awkward not funny laughter is actually hilarious. And then I awkward laughed at how similar my own life is. There's nothing I hate more than applying to jobs though. Good luck, sista!

    1. This was me. I might have even been awkward when I giggled... because I will be unemployed in just a few short months and it terrified the ever living shit out of me. Ugggghh resumes and cover letters. /wrist.

  7. I hate that all these bloggers just get how to do their own designs and I am over here like...what does HTML stand for again? I like the new layout!

    How can you remember what is going on in all 3 books? I am lucky I can focus enough attention in one!!

  8. haha i use the hardcover-book-mouse-pad on the daily and my track pad works just fine... blogging from bed for the win!

  9. CSS/HTML isn't that bad; you just need to keep your spacing properly so that you don't get the tags/code mixed up. i have like, 5 spaces between lines so i can see that shizz straight!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  10. apply to things in portland. also i totally struggle with html stuff too. people that just get it are the worst. and by that i mean teach me your ways, people! also i love the boring layouts. they are my favorite :)

  11. The new layout is cute! I took a computer class a while back that taught me the basics, other than that Google has been my best friend when I have questions.

  12. Love the new look!
    And I totally understand the horrors of the job search.... it'll work out! :)

  13. THERE IS NOTHING INNATE ABOUT BLOG DESIGN AT ALL. i'm glad you just came out and said it! Also, I love the new look!


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