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Excuses for not running

As mentioned yesterday, I've been pretty terrible at running lately. Before that two-runs-in-one-week in Florida fluke, I was only doing online work out videos without much jogging. I have definitely noticed improvements in my muscle tone as a result, but running has always been my jam and I honestly think it has a meditative effect that I've been missing out on. At least that's what I'm blaming my crazy on anyway. So after seeing a couple similar confessions yesterday, I made a couple bloggie friends promise to hold me accountable for a run that night. I knew it was going to be difficult seeing as it was about 90 degrees here yesterday, but I confidently texted/emailed/snapped "No excuses!" and upon arriving at my apartment I realized just how inaccurate that statement was. I had excuses. A lot of them. 

Here are some of the thoughts that went through my head yesterday before finally sucking it up and going outside for a 3-miler.

"I should eat before. You know, for fuel."

"Sooo full. Definitely need to let this digestion business work its magic lest I vom!"

"I am so tired. Can you get jetlagged from an hour plane ride south?" 

"My nose is so stuffy. Maybe I'm sick. You can't run when you're sick, right? It'll just make it worse." 

"It's hot as balls in my apartment right now. Oh em gee, just imagine how hot it is outside."

"Better check my phone to confirm. It really is 90 degrees out there. Better Snapchat people about it."

"Shouldn't I be lying by the pool right now? Nah, I bet there are 546 screaming babies out there."

"I think my food has finally settled."

"Maybe I should eat again.."

"This bed is super comfortable right now. What if it's not as comfortable when I get back?"

"There are so many blogs I haven't read yet today!"

"Ugh, I'm going to have to shower after this.."

"Better check Instagram."

"My phone isn't even fully charged. I definitely have to plug it in before I run."

"Was there a new episode of 'New Girl' this week?"

"I can't find my spare key. Pulling the main one off my keychain sounds like a lot of work."

"I need new running shoes."

"What if I trip on the sidewalk again? I can't afford hospital bills right now."

"Ew these running shorts are squeezing my love handles. I should put my sweats back on." 

"FINE, I'll go. But I'll hate it."

...Then I actually go running and a whole new set of thoughts run through my mind (see them here). Once I finally finish I think to myself, "I feel SO much better. Why don't I do this every day?!"


  1. but for reals... take the main key off the key chain is the worst!!!!! almost worse than running ;)

  2. my newest excuse for not running is no i am tired i need more sleep since i always run in the morning i am not a later in the day type of exercise person

  3. Running is such the love-hate relationship. My most recent running excuse was "there's a tornado warning in effect. I can't run in a tornado."

  4. Yep, I've used just about every one of these as an excuse not to run.. and then if I don't run, I end up feeling awful about it like an hour later, and if I do end up running, like you said, I feel so awesome. Luckily most days it's easy to get me out there... but we all have our moments :)

  5. Hahaha. this was much better than my idea. Sometimes I only work out for the instagram selfie, does that make me a bad person?

    Also your 'lol' tag has me intrigued.

  6. hahaha this is exactly what goes through my head every time I decided to go running.


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