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Hashtag Foodporn

Does the sight of colorful food excite anyone else? These are the rainbow paleo delights I've been nomming on this week. I didn't include the random boiled eggs I keep shoveling into my mouth, but I think you are starting to get a ballpark estimate of the multitude of eggs I devour on the reg. My personal fave was the paleo-fied nova lox going on up there. Perhaps I'll blog about it one day (hint: it's stupid easy). So I've made it to day 4 of no sugar and I've only broken down crying once and it was because of this video no less. There's just nothing like a choreographed Britney dance to get those tears flowing. I don't know. WHATEVER. Here are some more photos from my week because why not?
The view from Billy Goat Hill, a photo for Beauty Buzz Daily, the view from my 'office', a random art installation on the sidewalk of SF, Dude Baby getting milk drunk (chug, chug, chug!) and me rocking the goofy yellow pants and rubber boots. It's been a lovely week and in one week from today I will be on my way to Florida to see my family!!! Yes, three exclamation points were necessary for that sentence. And since it's Friday and I watched "Frozen" twice this week (jk, I actually cried three time), we're going to rock out to "In Summer" because that's just how I roll.

Happy Friday!


  1. i am on day 4 of no sugar too!!! go us.

  2. Sorry, not sorry. I had sugar today in the form of salted caramel ice cream. You are rocking the paleo eats and I think you and I should be the ones getting the chug on - not dude baby.

  3. Loving the chicken salad! I feel in love with the salad bar at school and probably can't sit through the class without a container of salad to munch on.

  4. I would be SO much more into your food if it wasn't so healthy. #BigBootyJudyProbz

  5. I love all of these! Its so inspiring to see you eating so healthy. But pizza is so good too. ;) Andddd I'm definitely listening to the Frozen soundtrack as I type this. No judgement!

  6. yum!! great photos

    xo Jessica


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