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Weekend things

This weekend I finally took my DSLR out to play and I ended up with a whole bunch of leaf, grass, water and Ziggy pictures. I took myself out to Swirl on the Square in Livermore where I nommed on the best pork sliders, did some wine tasting and then walked myself over to the movie theater to see the new Muppet movie. I love those silly Muppets. I made vegan banana pancakes because it was raining outside (why yes, I did listen to Jack Johnson while doing so, how did you know?), and I ventured into the city to explore. I had my first Blue Bottle Coffee experience, I made a new dinosaur friend (his name is Hampton) and I hopped on a rope swing at Billy Goat Hill. My weekend was lovely. 

How was yours?

PS: Check out my first contribution to Beauty Buzz Daily!


  1. You had an epic weekend and now I feel bad about mine full of nothingness. That rope swing is awesome, may I ask who took the photo? Ziggy has really taken to being your photographer <3

  2. rope swings ughhh it's been way to long. looks fun!

  3. not sure i could do the rope thing. it is frightening to me.

  4. Can I live where you live?! Looks awesome!

  5. My husband's family was a regular at Swirl on the Square!! Love it! Sounds like you had a lovely and relaxing weekend!

  6. What a great weekend!! I am drawing a blank... what did I do?! Oh! I met with Maryland Fashion Week, but I think that's really it. :/


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