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Happy Friday

Here are some of my happy moments from the #100happydays project. A very tired but happy pup after a run in the hot hot heat, my beautiful new camera that I fully intend to take for a spin this weekend, some much-needed rain in the middle of a record drought and I didn't realize until I started this project how happy freshly painted nails make me. Such simple things, such happiness as a result of them. Follow me on instagram (@mackensieg) to see more. I have 70 days to go!

What's making you happy on this lovely Friday?


  1. so excited for you and your new camera!!!

  2. i love your happy photos! you have a great taste in nail polish colors, haha. i'm participating too, today my favorite flowers are making me happy ^^ (telescope_eyez)

  3. Looking forward to the pretty new photos you'll be taking! I highly recommend this baby 50mm 1.8 lens :) http://amzn.com/B00007E7JU

  4. I'm so jealous of your camera!


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