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Sunday Currently


Reading "Divergent." I put "The Paris Wife" on hold for now because I felt like it was going to end up upsetting me more than it was worth. We'll see if I pick it back up. So far "Divergent" isn't so cheery either. Anybody have some uplifting story suggestions?
Writing personal essays. I haven't decided if I will post them here or not (they are pretty personal after all), but it feels pretty great to just write for no reason.
Listening to the RENT soundtrack. It's my favorite musical hands down. I would love to see it on broadway. 
Thinking about my crazy weekend.
Smelling the bacon, sausage and eggs I just made. 
Wishing for peace and strength for some friends who are suffering from the loss of loved ones.
Hoping to find the motivation to go for a run today. It's been too long.
Wearing the shirt from my very first half marathon, the Five Points of Life race in Gainesville. That was a truly great day.
Loving San Francisco. The more time I spend in that city, the more I love it.  
Wanting to visit Portland really, really soon.
Needing to figure out what I'm going to do when my lease ends. It's been weighing on me a lot lately.
Feeling stoked that Pharrell's new album, G I R L is out. I just love that man.



  1. Check out "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day!" The movie was charming and pretty spot on with the story if you feel like enjoying the tale in film version. It's definitely quite uplifting and rather a quick read! :) Also, VISIT INDIANAPOLIS. We'll go duckpin bowling and see the sites from "Hoosiers" and visit James Dean's hometown. Deal??

  2. I just started reading Divergent too, but haven't gotten too far into it.

    The RENT soundtrack is so great! I'd love to see it too.

  3. Uhhm, when your lease ends you come bum it in Portland for a week/month/year/forevah! Ziggy wants a road trip <3

    I also love your crazy weekend!

  4. I LOVE Divergent! It took me a while to get into it, though. But the characters are great! I'm way too excited for the movie, that's for sure!


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