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Goat cheese & walnut salmon recipe

I bought salmon a couple weeks ago and much like every time I go to the store, there was no planning behind it. I just thought to myself, "hey, I like salmon," so I bought it. Then upon realizing I had purchased far more meat and poultry than I would be able to consume before expiring, I threw some salmon and chicken in the freezer. Some things you should know about me: I love cooking when I'm actually doing it, I hate it when it's inconvenient, I find thawing things to be very inconvenient and I love spam. That last one was unrelated. 

So I decide to be responsible one night and take the frozen shiz and throw it in the fridge to thaw out the safe way. Unfortunately the next day also happened to be the day that our apartment turned off our power for a few hours and I don't know that much about how quickly things go bad or whatever, but I do know that by the time I rolled around to finding cooking salmon to be convenient, I was very inconvenienced by the smell of it. It was much like the smell of a really old, neglected dish rag, which is even worse than fish smell, believe it or not. Finally I allowed myself to throw away the no good salmon and was left no choice but to go to the grocery store. I even thought about making a list, and then I didn't.
This time I picked up more salmon, but I also got distracted by the goat cheese section. So without a plan of action, I knew I would be combining salmon and goat cheese some how. I grabbed some veggies and obviously capers and headed home. As I started Googling things, I found that a lot of people like to stuff meat with things like cheese. For whatever reason, the idea of stuffing meat with anything churns my stomach in a weird way, so I settled for topping my salmon with goat cheese and walnuts. Here's what I used:

sockeye salmon

olive oil
Italian seasoning
roasted red pepper and garlic goat cheese (Safeway = the best)
chopped walnuts

Preheat the oven to 450 and line a pan with aluminum foil. Coat the salmon pieces with olive oil and sprinkle with Italian seasoning. Spread goat cheese over the tops and mash walnut pieces into the cheese. Place the salmon on the foil skin side down and bake for about 10 minutes (maybe a little less depending on your oven, mine was slightly overcooked). I was super pumped about how it turned out. I paired it with sauteed mushrooms and onions and paleo egg salad (which is really easy--let me know if you'd like the recipe).

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


  1. I had some clever comment like "I'll stuff your salmon" but I don't know if we know each other THAT well yet. Looks amazing, and stellar song choice! :)

  2. i am glad you didn't stuff your pink meat.... oh well crap now that i see jessi's comment maybe i should stop .....


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