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Five Friday things to high five about:

1. I booked my flight to Florida for Christmas! I'm going home for the first time in half a year. That just doesn't seem right at all, but I'm beyond excited to spend the holidays with my family and old friends, humidity and all. I'm ready for some Lactaid White Russians!

2. There's a certain guy flying into the Bay today from the East coast and I'm kind of excited to see him. He also helped me cross off one of my November goals yesterday (can you guess which one?). Two high fives for you. You go, Glen Coco.

3. I cooked this week! I made vegan Almond Joys and stuffed peppers (which I might just blog about later). I know maybe normal functioning human beings cook things on a regular basis, but I'll be honest with you, I gave myself a big ole high five yesterday for doing laundry, so cooking counts.

4. I'm going to my first hockey game tonight! Here's to hoping I get to see some dudes knock each other's teeth out. Go Bulls?

5. Ms. Babbles and myself have an exciting blogging adventure coming at you guys soon. I'm super psyched about it and hopefully you will be, too. Details coming soon!

Here's my sad, sad week in fitness (I'd like to say next week will be better, but see high five #2):

Saturday: 5.87 miles + quickie workout

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. look at us doing real bloggy things! go us!

  2. Where in FL are you going again?? There weather isn't too bad, but I'm in Pensacola :)


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