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Blogging: The Cons

And no, I don't mean conventions-- even though I think it's rad that they exist and I think they should be more like Comic Con and we should all dress up as our favorite bloggers.

I mean cons as in the opposite of pros. Like, pros before hoes and all that.

Okay, first off people who don't blog don't understand some very essential things about bloggers (and this is by no means any fault of their own, it just comes along with the territory of not sharing intimate details of their daily lives on the internetz each day). They don't understand the contradiction that is our very existence. The one where we write about our lives every day on a very public platform and cry into our diy chevron pillows when no one comments on our posts, and yet don't actually want anyone we meet in real life to know it exists, let alone read it.

Don't get me wrong, I love it when others enjoy this little space as much as I do and I get great satisfaction out of knowing that IRL people are interested in what I write when I already know them. Sure, every now and again we stress about getting lectured by Grandma about dropping the f-bomb or that priest from that one wedding that you're not even sure how you became Facebook friends with reads about your tendencies to binge drink and run home from bars afterward, but all that pales in comparison to the issue I've been running into lately.

Apparently it's not uncommon for non-blogger friends to bring up your internet hobby in front of others. Strangers, usually. And usually strangers who are trying to hit on you and in other words the exact strangers you want your blog to remain anonymous to forever and ever (because no one likes to censor their blog posts because some rando from that bar who makes a great story now knows your blog address).

It stems from interest, which really is flattering. But the problem is, non-bloggers who are interested in what we do (because there are many, of course, who couldn't give two shits about what we got at Starbucks and how sweaty we are after our gym sessions) are this way for several reasons.

One. They are thinking about writing their own blog and want to see how we are doing it.
Two. They hate us and want fuel for the fire (I mean, we give them plenty of fuel).
Three. They don't understand why we do it and they want to know why they are interested enough to keep typing that URL in there.
Four. They really enjoy our content.
Five. All the other reasons, like oh, that recipe looks delish. Or where did she get that necklace? Or how did her butt get so big? Or she moved where?!

And six. You're a dude interested in a chick who happens to write about her entire little being on the internet, so you scroll through those archives gathering up information that either gives you the complete upper hand (provided you're not a creep and most likely attractive) or scares the pants right off of your internet savvy bod and you go running for the hills.

All this to say, a lifestyle blog is by no means a first date convo piece and is not to be placed on a dating site profile. Ever. And if I know you and you read my blog, thank you. That's awesome. But if we're out in a bar and we're chatting up some fellas, don't mention my blog and I won't mention your strange addiction to eating toilet paper. Sometimes they're equally awkward.


  1. this is great. people don't understand that I don't want them to read my blog! I have worked very hard to make sure no one can find me. especially since I am single in the dating world...I mention I blog as a hobby and then all these boys wanna see my crap. NO WAY. I am probably gunna write really bad things about you in two weeks!

  2. the worst is when people you know but don't talk to very often bring up your blog and then ask awkward question like 'why would you ever have a blog' 'how do you even have things to write about' 'i see you have one, but i never read it' ... thank you?

  3. This is perfect. The minute I found out that a friend of mine who I haven't spoken to in several months had been keeping up with me through my blog, I froze. I was terrified of all the judgements that she probably had going through her head about me. Thankfully, she told me how much she enjoyed reading it, but it doesn't make it any less terrifying and intimidating.

  4. Haha my friends do it all the time. Every time I take a photo - "are you going to blog about this?" But I love it, I had out my blog business cards to strangers at bars all the time. Maybe it's different because I'm dating someone so I don't care if some random guy is reading?

  5. I can so relate, I just started blogging and when I bring it up in conversation people look at me like I'm some needy teenager "why are you doing that?" "you're going to run out of things to write about" well, um thanks for the support guys! I look at it as my one little place in the world where I can be completely true to myself. Love you posts xoxo

  6. my husband tells everyone about my blog and it makes me sick to my stomach. he's all "make blog business cards!" and while I think it's an awesome idea for a lot of bloggers, I write stuff on my blog that certain people just don't need to know about. your comment about the diy chevron pillow is one of my favorite pieces of blog writing ever, btw. we truly are our own special breed...

  7. Hmmm.. I like to tell complete strangers that I blog and no one EVER seems to care. They just look at me like I'm soooo stupid. Not once has anyone ever asked me about my blog. And honestly, I feel like if they did.. I should just tell them that I specialize in reading other's blogs and leaving comments because I'm just a newbie and honestly, I enjoy connections, reading, and leaving my comments more. While I do like leaving my thoughts, having an outlet, and doing the whole link up "thing"-- I don't care about giveaways, and NO--- seriously, I swear it.. I don't check my damned followers or site views, etc. Although I don't go out on dates and such anymore, if I did and a friend mentioned that I had a lifestyle blog.. giving way for a dude to ask me what I wrote about and attempt to use it as an interview sesh for a "first date"-- I would more than likely tell the douchebag that my blog is written about losers that try to get superior women when they have NO chance in hell.

  8. James read my entire blog before asking me out. the *entire* thing. #creeper
    Of course, I only learned this months later when he had used all of my own tricks to win me over. Dbag. ♥
    I also informed him that, upon the conclusion of reading my *entire* blog, he was completely aware of my cray cray so.... in a way, he asked for it. #sorrynotsorry


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