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Weekend shenanigans

Friday night is best described as sweaty. I hopped on the train right after work when it was 90ish degrees out and found that there was no air flowing through the train. None. So I proceeded to melt for the next hour until I arrived in San Francisco, where it was uncharacteristically warm out and we hit up some Vietnamese restaurant where, again, there was no air to be found. At this point I started sticking napkins between my thighs because I'm a classy broad. Then we went full-on hipster by seeing "Drinking Buddies" (oh hey, Nick Miller. I think I like you best smashed with a beard) at a sauna of a dirty and awesome little theater complete with a Skype Q&A sesh with the director. I only took one photo the entire night which may or may not have been due to all the sweating.

Saturday is best described as ridiculous. It started out innocent enough with a $5-bottle of chardonnay and drooling over this sexy man beast a la Hart of Dixie. Yea, I'm in deep. Then my cousin (my former roommate) came over and it all went downhill from there (or uphill if you're a runner. It wasn't good is what I'm trying to say). I dropped the second $5-bottle of wine, which was probably a good thing looking back, then one jager bomb lead to another and it all escalated to me drunk dialing my parents at 1am (4am Florida time). Mega ultra fail. Sorry, parents. Thanks for not disowning me.
Sunday's descriptor was full-on hung over. I rode the struggle bus all morning and eventually went to a family BBQ with my roomie, which escalated into drinking games played while sitting on our new couch (eeek!!) and using an upside down Rubbermaid tub for a table. And once again, my goofy self only took one photo the entire night and it was of my half-eaten Jack-in-the-Box burger. Seriously? Worst blogger ever.
And Monday was awesome. I attended my first Oakland A's game (they won!) and devoured some garlic fries while trying not to bitch slap the babies behind me kicking my seat constantly. I've been appreciating the fact that I don't have little mini-mes running around more and more lately. I think my ovaries shrunk three times their size that day. Maybe it's just the hangover talking.

Overall, solid weekend. Remind me of all those liquid and fastfood calories this week when I'm too lazy to work out, pleasekaythanks.

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  1. Sometimes seat kicking babies are the best form of birth control! :)

  2. Looks like a pretty awesome weekend as far as I'm concerned. I could have used a few more glasses of Chardonnay this weekend.
    Britt @ One&20

  3. Looks like a pretty awesome weekend as far as I'm concerned. I could have used a few more glasses of Chardonnay this weekend.
    Britt @ One&20

  4. glad to know i am not the only one that watches hart of dixie. although i am slightly embarrassed to admit it. also, i love nick miller.

  5. I love everything about your weekend.

  6. i'm so sick and tired of you having weekends that i'm jealous and can't be a part of.

  7. I've been wondering if I should start watching Hart of Dixie and now I'm pretty sure with eye candy like that? I've been MISSING OUT!
    Oh how I loooove baseball games! But I can't STAND parents who don't keep an eye on their kids. It's not hard to tell them to quit kicking chairs, ugh!


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