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Boozesicle Recipes

Some of you lovelies requested the recipes for my boozy popsicles from last weekend and who am I to deny my readers of my random drunken conquests? So here we go. I can't guarantee the measurements or how great they will taste (although I found them to be quite delicious), but I can provide you with the ingredients and some sweaty bikini selfies to go along with them.

All you need is an expensive trip to Target to get: Watermelon chunks (precut if you're a lazy SOB like myself), blackberries, strawberries, pineapple chunks (also precut), cilantro, a cucumber, clear rum (I used Bacardi), silver tequila (my boy, Jose), champagne (optional, I was getting creative), lime juice and a bottle of Pinot Grigio (to drink while the pops freeze, obvi), sugar, popsicle sticks and little plastic shot glasses. Oh, and a juicer although a blender would work fine, too, I'm just that weirdo who has two juicers and zero blenders in her apartment. Moving on.

Stick the watermelon chunks in your juicer and do not turn it on until there's a cup and/or bowl under the spigot like I may have forgotten to do. Then add sugar (I freeballed the amount), tequila, lime juice and the pulp left over in the juicer and pour into plastic shot glasses as well as a blackberry in each one and then stick them in the freezer. Some other watermelon combos I tried included adding cilantro and strawberry juice/pulp. There was also a champagne, strawberry and sugar combo. This was very unscientific process.

Cut up the cucumber and again, shove it in the juicer. Add sugar and rum, probably pineapple juice, too, and add some chopped up cilantro. Pour into plastic shot glasses and stick them into the freezer. There were also some cucumber, watermelon, cilantro and rum variations. 

Stick pineapple chunks in the juicer, mix in with sugar and rum, add chopped up cilantro and the remaining pulp. Pour into shot glasses and stick in the freezer.

Once the pops start getting icing, stick the popsicle sticks in the center and proceed to finish the bottle of Pinot Grigio while the pops finish solidifying. Once they're good and frozen, chomp down on these bad boys until you get a brain freeze and watch movies from an air mattress in your living room if you want to really get the experience of what went down during this boozy popsicle making expedition of mine. Movie suggestions: "500 Days of Summer," "Easy A" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Orrrr be a normal person and enjoy them out by a pool for Labor Day weekend. Whatever floats your boat.


  1. Definitely going to have to try some of these!

  2. Minus the cilantro, these look fab. Maybe these will be a post-honeymoon treat at the Florken house!



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