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Of poop & paraphernalia

In addition to having full on pump up speeches, degrading self-name-calling and hardcore people watching, I sometimes find some pretty interesting stuff while running. Last week was like a gross scavenger hunt. 

First as I was running under a bridge, I saw a wall with streaky brown writing that said, "I WROTE THIS IN POOP." So naturally I was disgusted and incredibly amused.

Next I was running through the suburbs with these super nice white picket fence houses that cost more than my life is worth and lying there amongst the perfectly cut and manicured grass was a blown glass hash pipe. I was almost tempted to throw it away so whatever kid was using it at his party the night before wouldn't get caught by his parents (or to protect the people who get paid to mow the lawn), but I refrained. Best let this one slide for the sake of my mile time, I said to myself.

Lastly I saw the biggest humming bird ever. And yes, I'm certain it wasn't just a regular bird. It was gigantic and beautiful, and I wish those little buggers would slow down sometimes so I could get a picture of them!

And that concludes my incredibly random and nasty blog post for the day. I'm going to go pack up my life in preparation for MOVING DAY!!


  1. Those are some pretty interesting things to come across while on your run, ha ha! I love hummingbirds! Although when they get to close they make me nervous.. their beaks are really long and look like they would be good at poking an eye out.

  2. Lmao!
    Life is its own comedy sometimes.

    Britt @ One&20

  3. hahaha what a strange day you had! Hilarious, too :)

  4. No way, that's disgusting! I need to start looking around more often.

  5. well.....that sounds a little interesting. I don't know what I would do on my daily run if I saw that. hmmm. Thanks for the laugh!

  6. hahaha lawd, that is gross. but incredibly funny too

  7. So I think I need to start running!

  8. ok i totally wouldn't have picked up the drug stuff because in my paranoid mind a cop would have driven by and it would have been the classic "I SWEAR IT'S NOT MINE" and he wouldn't have believed me.


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