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Remember when I used to work out? Yea, those were good times.
Just kidding. I ran a few times this week, but I feel like a slacker because I haven't lifted any weights or done any of my long runs (by the way, that 7-miler was on a treadmill and it escalated to that distance solely because of American Ninja Warrior. I was so ridiculously invested in this one chick who was a complete badass).
But the important thing is MY PARENTS ARE GETTING HERE TODAY!!! Andddd it's almost my birthday week. Anddddd I move into my new apartment today. Therefore I have an excuse for being a terrible blogger/runner. Anddddd it's Friday so let back them azzes up with Whitty pants (even though she has terrible taste in football teams). HAPPY FRIDAY!


  1. Ha, I love American Ninja Warrior. I watch Family Feud when I run though :)

    Big Apple, Little Bites

  2. Happy weekend!!! Girl I hear you on the shit workout week - I have 46 miles to run over the next 6 days, shoot me nowwww.

  3. god i have been watching far too much of american ninja warrior. it's almost embarrassing. almost. ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. is that how your normally work out? naked as the day you were born? wouldn't shock me.


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