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Lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways


My super exciting Friday night was filled with convincing myself I was going to run 15 miles in the morning before Ziggy's vet appointment, eating dark chocolate and reading all of these fabulous dating disaster linked up posts. Some of you guys have had some real doozies.. I must say they make me want to never date again. Like, ever. But in the best way possible.


Saturday morning started with the vet appointment (didn't see that one coming) where I was told my poor sausage dog needs to go on doggie weight-watchers. Then after running four miles (oh, ya know only 11 less than planned) I decided that I wasn't going to not enjoy my weekend (read: drink) just because I a) don't have friends and b) am training for some marathon I haven't even signed up for yet. So I cracked open a bottle of moscato and started blogging Hemingway-style. Pretty soon Sarah convinced me to YOLO it up and hit the bars solo style. Then my cousin met me out and I was no longer that girl at the bar. And of course I have 587 selfies from my wine-party-of-one and failed to snap a single pic of me interacting with humans. The night ended with me binge eating bananas and burritos while chugging my Brita filter water bottle (that I at one point considered pouring alcohol into it to see if it would filter out impurities..) in an attempt to avoid the hangover.


I was hung over anyway. I slept most of the day, ate chicken nugs, fries and sweet tea and then made the car wash my bitch. It was actually pretty magical.


  1. You are a baller for going to the bar solo. That is a feat I think I've only attempted one single time, but wish I was ballsy enough to do more!

  2. Running four miles is still good girl! Thats 4 more miles then me this weekend =)

  3. i'm noting your attempt to avoid hangovers. haha.

    and that's okay i said i would run last night and instead ate a filet.

    oh well :)

  4. I love how you feel about car washes - I used to be the same way about fast food drive thru's and it was a little damn victory every time I made it through with a Wendy's Frosty.

  5. i'm a wreck today at work.
    so i feel your pain but still want your weekend.

  6. well that cupcake looks amazing...send one to me...please?

    new follower from the linkup!

  7. You had me at Moscato. Is that a wine sippy cup? I NEED!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog last week!

    Amanda @ More Like Me

  8. Yay to running 4 miles AND going to the bar solo. Good for Sarah for reminding you about the YOLO of it all.

  9. a) your hair looks great b) head and the heart just announced they are working on a new album c) glad you have friends - even if it's a cousin you have to count as a friend ;)

  10. Well, you ran four more miles than I did so congratulations! ;D I laughed pretty hard about you thinking about pouring alcohol in your Brita! And, that reminds me that I need to go to the car wash.. bad.

  11. I love that song! And you are very brave for going to the bar along - gotta give you props!

  12. I've never thought of using my water filter in that way... hmmmm. ;)

  13. Actually I just heard a crazy story about putting alcohol through a brita filter...One of my friends said that his friend made infused vodka, and part of the process was to filter the hard A through a brita 6 times. Yes, you read that right: SIX TIMES. I guess it makes sense. Still crazy though.

  14. Teach me how to curl my hair like that! So pretty! Sometimes going to the bar solo is the most fun because you end up meeting up with random people and they seem to be much nicer when you say "yeah I'm here alone.... awkkwarrrdd."

    Hope you had a good weekend!!

    xo Becky
    Seductive Mania


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