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Top: Target / Shorts: TJMaxx / Necklace: c/o Excessory Exchange / Shoes: Target

I could spin some elaborate tale about how I spent my weekend roaming the streets of San Francisco with my wolfpack. Just the three of us wolves running around the desert together looking for strippers and cocaine, and really I'd be doing you a service. Because what I actually did was try to convince myself I wasn't sick while spending the majority of my weekend bowing down to the porcelain throne. Sometimes I'd catch a second wind and go for a walk, do some yoga and I even drove myself to Berkeley to eat some spectacular noms from Gather. But it wasn't long before I got that lovingly concerned, "You don't look so good," comment and then it was back to refreshing my BlogLovin feed hoping that some homebody west coaster was spending her Friday night writing clever blog posts. 

I did manage to spend some time playing with makeup and trying on outfits to go with my fabulous new necklace from Excessory Exchange and I'm definitely a fan. I am not, however, a fan of trying to take outfit photos with the timer app on my iPhone (which I'm pretty sure takes better pictures than my digital camera..) on the patio when there are so many beautiful locations I'm dying to go all Tyra Banks on. Do any of you photography savvy people out there want to suggest a somewhat affordable, high quality camera for a beginner? And a tripod? I'm lost.


  1. That outfit is so cute! Love those shorts!

  2. i would not say i am super savvy when it comes to the photog side of things, but i am a big fan of the nikon d3100 i have!!! and just recently got a new lens for it (50mm) and am in love.

  3. Not sure what you're price range is, but I just got a Samsung NX1000. Loving it so far. It's a bummer tho that the nicer cameras come with a basic lens (mine came with a 20-50), but the awesome lenses usually cost more than the cameras... time for me to save up I guess! :)

    And I'm in love with your shoes!!

  4. Shoot, you can have my Rebel XSi with a 50mm lens (portrait). I really want to get a compact Nikon J1. I don't think I'm all into the DSLRS anymore. Btw, how tall are you??! Those shoes do your legs justice!

  5. I'm in love with this outfit! Your shorts are beyond amazing <3

    I'd love it if you can drop by mine and check out my latest post: www.fashchronicles.blogspot.com

    i love it.
    i would have nursed you back to healthy if i was there.


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