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For Dad

To the man who would always whisper, "the blue bird sings," "Barnie is a dinosaur" and "stick a feather in his hat and call it MACARONIIIIIIIIII!"

To the man who spoiled us with a tree house, a trampoline, our first cars and everything else we could possibly want/need.

To the man who threw out his shoulder at the batting cages with me, came to every soccer game and got my entire cross country team to call me "MACKIE."

To the man who popped a bottle of champagne and took all my friends (even the ones he didnt know) out to dinner the day I was accepted to UF.

To the man who always honks and waves at cows and screams, "FUNNY MAN" at moose.

To the man who took me out to breakfast every time he was in Gainesville for a job while I was in college (and didn't mention it if he could tell I was hung over).

To the man who went to the store and bought all of mine and my sister's favorite candy and snacks the night before driving across the country.

To the man who thought Billy Joel sang "you've got a 'spheeling' all right" in Piano Man.

To the man who invented "One to Nothin"

To the man who always picks up the bill, buys the next round and makes the best bloody Marys.

To the man I know could take down a purse thief, solves conflicts the oldschool way and also loves musicals.

To the man who always makes me smile, laugh and feel loved.

Happy Fathers Day, dad. I love you.


  1. this is the best fathers' day post i read today. you're dad seems awesome!

  2. i love all of this.
    i want your dad.


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