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Air Five!

I just skipped right over Thursday and headed straight for High Fivin' Friday time, and I have some serious high-fiving to do. 

1. LIZ IS COMING! As in one of my best friends ever (see Cardinal post here) is coming to California to reunite with Emma and I. I can't even contain my excitement. She's on a plane right now and I can't wait to tackle her.

2. Yesterday I went running (high five!) and found yet another fabulous little trail complete with babbling creek. This place is awesome. So is that song. See for yourself.

3. Last night I was busy transforming myself into Kensie Kardashian for a project I will hopefully soon get to share with you lovely people.

4. Ziggy has a new boyfriend. She ain't a playa she just crushes a lot.

5. I finished my puzzle. And those 5 missing pieces? I found them. And I have a complete puzzle photo but it was sideways and it's Friday, so I'm not fixing it. This may or may not be one of my proudest achievements of all time... Just saying.

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. That's exciting that you get to see one of your best friends!
    I wish I had the ambition to run.. maybe one day :)
    Love the pictures!
    Have an amazing weekend ♥

  2. that place ánd that song are pretty awesome ^^ have fun with your friend! happy weekend!

  3. Aww yall have fun this weekend! Kensie Kardashian looks like a badass b!

  4. Aww the puppy love photo is just so cute! Love all of these! Great blog:)

  5. nemesis but I do it anyway.

    Love this post, beautiful as always.

  6. i feel like if ziggy had a motto it would be "don't hate the player, hate the game."


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