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Sometimes even Google doesn’t have the answer.

Today I have a super fun, adventurous and creative lady who just so happens to have her own Tumblr here. She has excellent taste in music and a huge heart, so go check her out!

Before I tell my story I’d like to give a big thank you to the lovely and talented author of this blog, Mackensie for ever so graciously allowing me to write a post about adventure and travel while she is heading to her new home in California, woo hoo! Her blog has inspired me for months and I think she’s one fun gal with beautiful ideas.

To start off I’ll tell you a bit about me. My name is Anna and I currently live in Orlando, FL. I'm a recent college graduate (if recent means two years ago) and I have a deep rooted desire for adventure and a huge passion for education reform and underserved kiddos! To let you in a bit, I think I may have found it, this BIG adventure, but I’m struggling a bit my friends and I’d love to share why.

Here it goes. We're about to become best friends...

Last week, in a move of desperation, I googled "how to move to a new city alone as a 20 something". The search results didn't exactly soothe my nerves. The only advice everyone seemed to give was "budget". Blah, I needed something more than that.

You see, I've recently made the decision to uproot my life in Orlando and take myself to the trendy, hippie city of Asheville, North Carolina in order to become a teacher. As I just shared I’m  an adventure seeker and have had the itch to leave my childhood state of FL since I graduated (I'm sure some of you can relate). 

So, here is my chance. I’m excited but terrified. Happy but sad. Giggling then crying. My emotions go up and down all the time and I wish someone would just shout down from the heavens what the heck I should be doing with my life! I’d like to think I’m brave and chasing my dreams but what if I fail? 

But then it comes back to an even scarier question, what if I don't even try?

I reached out to my best friend Emma (also one of Mackensie's best friends) who recently moved to California for some advice about moving miles and miles away from everything you know and she simply said, “do it, just do it Anna”. I knew she was right, deep down, I just knew it and had to stop doubting myself and my dream. So here it goes world, Mackensie and I are diving in, head first into a sea of insanely new and beautiful opportunities. Wish us well and be sure that you're seeking to fulfill your own wild dreams. May sound silly but I’m on my way to doing exactly that and I think it just may turn out to be the best adventure I’ve ever had.


  1. Good advice, I agree. Just do it. That's what we did we moved to China. Sometimes, you just have to put two feet in and run. For me, it was one of the best 5 yrs of my life. So glad we did it. Have fun in your new adventure and congrats for putting yourself out there in life and experiencing it outside of your comfort zone!

  2. I think that song changed my life. Just saying.

  3. Hooray! I'm so glad you both enjoyed my post and can relate. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy :)


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