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New Zealand

Today I bring you a beautiful woman from New Zealand (so jealous) who is also about to make a huge life change by moving to Florida for a year. Be sure to check out her blog here.

Hey Guys!!
I'm Sinead from Sinead in the Sun.
that's me...
If you head over and visit my blog (which you totally should. just sayin) you will notice the header currently says Sinead in the Disney Sun. This is because in August, I will be leaving the comforts of my tiny country New Zealand, and will be jetting off across the world to live and work at Walt Disney World for an entire year! Crazy? Yes. Excited? HELL YES!
I freak out about my adventure all the time over there, so instead, for today I thought I would would give you a photo tour of my beautiful little country. So without further ado...
Welcome to New Zealand!
First up, this view is about a minute away from my front door. That's right, you jealous? That mountain right there is Mount Maunganui, not only is it beside my all-time favourite beach, but I love walking around it with friends on warm Summer evenings. It's also good for a few drunken rampages...
This is Karangaheke Gorge. A gorgeous walk, that my friends and I have made a tradition of trekking round every summer. Not only is there gorgeous scenery, but the sun shines, and there are tunnels and caves to explore! We like to freak ourselves out in these, I'm fairly sure the ghosts of miners don't haunt them, but then again, ya never know.
This is one of my favourite places at my university campus. Yup, that's right, they want me to concentrate on books whilst surrounded by this (and the parties of course, these get in the way...)? Somewhat of a challenge! But I succeeded (lord knows how) and I graduate in TWO WEEKS!
This is the waterfront of our busiest city Auckland. Its about 2 and a 1/2 hours away from my city, and I love adventuring up to visit. We have road tripped up for concerts, plays, parties, my Disney interview, friends, shopping, and so many other things. It's a lot of fun!

But I have to say my most favourite thing about New Zealand (and the one of the things I'm gonna miss the most, just to get soppy on ya) is my friends! I'm pretty sure we make em the best in NZ!
I mean where else could you go to a birthday party, and end up "collecting" a broken toy kitchen from the side of the road? I'm pretty sure the birthday girl appreciated her present...

So while MacKensie is off road tripping her heart out, come visit me, introduce yourself,  and check out more of my adventures in New Zealand! I promise I will try and keep you entertained...

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