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Sunday Currently

Reading "The Casual Vacancy" although I haven't made it very far. Maybe I'm afraid of that feeling I used to get when I finished one Harry Potter book and knew that as soon as I finished it I'd have to wait until JK finished writing the next one for me to read it..
Writing lots of blog posts and my portfolio website (inspired by Sarah)
Listening to the rain beating down on the roof and the CMT music video countdown.
Thinking that I need to find some more guest bloggers for my upcoming road trip! E-mail me if you're interested: mackensieg(at)gmail(dot)com
Smelling bananas, coffee and Sunbutter (I'm completely obsessed with this stuff)
Wishing I didn't sleep in until 1pm today. I feel like it's only, like, 11am right now.
Hoping I win the lottery or something because I could really use some extra effortless cash for some bills that have suddenly surfaced and that I find an amazing job in Cali soon.
Wearing pajamas and the sorority t-shirt I designed back in the day (accessorized with tons of dog hair, obviously)
Loving my sweet puppy lying next to my feet right now.
Wanting to get up and start the day, but this rain is making me want to just stay inside on this couch all day long.
Needing to cross off some more awesome things on my Florida Bucket List
Feeling like my last night working at the restaurant I've been at for over a year now was a little bittersweet last night. I'm going to miss my friends a lot. But I've still got a couple more weeks until I make the big move, so now I've got my weekends open for said bucket list.
Clicking BlogLovin. I've been using it to follow my favorite blogs for a while now since I found Google Reader to be too cluttered. You should check it out & follow me here!

Sunday Currently inspired by Siddhathorn!


  1. Happy to have found you through Lauren's link up! Loving your blog!

  2. I love the sound of rain, especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon. :) I hope that today is a good day for you and that you get to tackle more of your bucket list before making the move!

  3. I love that you are doing a Currently post now! Lauren's a genius! :)
    When I sleep in until later, I always feel so guilty about the day being so short. But you surely needed the sleep!

  4. Following you on Bloglovin now :) I had never heard of sunbutter before- looks interesting!

    My Sunday Currently Post

  5. so happy to have you linking up for the first time this week! :) i also love your blog design - so cute!

    i've been meaning to pick up the casual vacancy, but i haven't just yet. i just LOVE JK rowling.


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