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Music + Shenanigans

My Friday night was spent serving people food with an awful sinus headache. It was full of HORRIBLE tips (I wish I could say that receipt underneath said "eff you" instead of "thank you") -- not only did this family of four leave no tip, but they also made the slip disgusting for me. So thoughtful. My night also involved handicapped straws and passing out as soon as I got home.

 Saturday was my last night having to deal with such douche nozzles. Luckily I got decent tips and got to rub it in that it was cherish my last night with this group of wonderful and ridiculous people. A post-tip-out photoshoot and Applebee's trip (half price appetizers and 2-for-1 cocktails..) later, I somehow got talked into going to the trashiest establishment known to man..(minus Cafe Risque).
Ocala Entertainment Complex. Half of this place is for rednecks and the other half is for the ghettofied. It has its very own barber shop and tattoo parlor. Pretty much all you could ever need. Needless to say I didn't feel at home on either side. I did, however, pretend to dance on a stripper pole and tried not to vom while admiring the female bartenders' lingerie uniforms. Also, that dress was found in the back of my friend's car. Otherwise I would've been wearing my serving uniform. I am the epitome of classy.

Sunday consisted of me sleeping in until 1pm, tornado warnings, obtaining four different 1,000-piece impossible puzzles and torturing my sweet dog by making her wear sweet specs. Oh and chicken and waffle flavored potato chips. They pretty much just made me crave Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

And now for a mellow music Monday playlist.

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  1. i would have shanked that shitty family. are you even kidding me?!

    also - puzzles and your dog's specs look fantastical. bravo.

  2. your puppy is too presh!!! and just from looking at this one mellow music monday playlist, i think we could be great friends, excited to stalk more of you, errr i mean your music :)


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