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SF Photo Dump

I wasn't sure where to start, so I figured a photo dump was most appropriate. Don't fret, my friends, I've saved all my drool-worthy food photos for a post all its own. We saw gigantic Christmas trees, fabulous street performers, sea lions, the craziest stores, the most epic playground, a guy walking around in only a vest and tennis shoes, a wasted guy try to break out of the BART train with an ink pen, sky scrapers, A LOT of mentally unstable individuals, ice skating drag queens, a UNICORN and we even won that beauty of a photo up there in a raffle (apparently it's a changing station in Denmark?). I've got plenty more photos, but for now I must pack because this guy's jet-setting again to North Carolina tomorrow morning. Marine Ball, here I come! Regularly scheduled blogging to return next week. Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. these photos make me want to ditch work, get on a plane, and go directly to this place.

  2. Thanks for sharing!!!! Looks like a great times! :)


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