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Music Monday

I spent the weekend in Myrtle Beach, SC with my friend Mike for the Marine Corps Ball. Needless to say, we partied hard. I only captured a few gems on camera, but I'll go over some of the highlights.
This photo was taken Saturday afternoon when I was finally able to get out of bed without feeling nauseous. Yea, it was one of these kinds of hangovers.
I stole Mike's fancy gloves so I could be maniacal in a ball gown. On the drive from NC to SC we saw a very creepy, maniacal bald man rubbing his hands together like so while waiting at a stoplight. It warranted imitation, clearly. I also plan to do this at every stop light from now on (Mua ha ha ha).
This would be a series of lovely photos taken at a piano bar where the mean age of the population was about 60. They were all pretty impressed that I knew all the old folks' music and I was pretty impressed to learn that the cute couple was actually celebrating the finalization of their divorce. Good stuff, right there. Also, a very drunk old man picked up our entire tab. Excellent.
On the left you will see the piano man himself and Mike getting his dance on with the old men. The photo on the right was taken after the actual ball when we barhopped downtown and that guy on the mechanical bull paid for me to ride the bull even though I was wearing a dress. Due to the peer pressure of several very large Marine men, I did in fact ride the bull and started a chain reaction. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on how well I covered my ass) I don't yet have a photo of this, but there was a video taken. If I can find it, I'll see if it's G-rated enough to post. Some other highlights included learning what the word "calabash" means, drunk girls shrieking and hollerin' at these servicemen, a big dude hurling his body over a van seat much like a dead fish while telling everyone that he's an alcoholic and watching him devour two whole pizzas in a matter of seconds. It was a good time. Here are some of the tunes we listened to during our adventures. Happy Monday, friends!

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