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The Supervillains

Once upon I interviewed this band called The Supervillains for INsite Magazine in Gainesville. First I spoke with the singer/drummer, Dom, then later on I spoke with the guitarist/singer, Skart, and went to go see them in concert for free (score!). Now they have a new song called "Drinkin' Tonight" and I'm going to be in the music video. Is this real life? Yes, yes it is. I'm off filming for it today. I will keep you all updated on my impending fame.


  1. Wow! That's awesome. You'll be an adorable video girl. :)

  2. Hey MacKensie, just found your blog from Kristen's WTF. Awesome egg nest recipe. Can't wait to try it! Nice to meet you too. xo

  3. They look like a fun bunch! Looking forward to hearing about it :)

    Sweet Apple Lifestyle

  4. Hey I nominated you for an award. You can check it out here.


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