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Music Monday

As mentioned here, I spent all day yesterday posing and pretending to get wasted with the Supervillains for a music video. It was so awesome. I brought my friend, Emma, because I figured if it was crazy sketchy, at least I wouldn't be alone (thanks for being my hero, Emma) and it's a good thing I did because there were only about seven other girls there. AKA, we are all up in this video. I seriously cannot wait for it to be done so I can show it off. Unfortunately I think these things take time.. Anyway, we started the day off running late (as usual -- we like to live life on the edge) and having minor anxiety attacks while trying to find a parking spot, the venue and wondering if we were wearing appropriate clothing. It was freezing too (and I fully mean "freezing" by Floridian standards). It might have been due to us both wearing tank tops, plus the wind, plus about 15 minutes of hanging out outside of the bar  waiting for it to open, but when we finally got inside and saw the band saunter in we were beyond overwhelmed (turns out I don't often hang out with famous people. Shocker, right?). We could barely chomp down on the provided munchkins, that's how nervous we were. I did manage to start shyly snapping photos of the venue, however. It's called the Lodge in downtown Orlando and it was decked out with wooden walls, mounted deer heads, multi-colored LED lights and even a beer bottle Christmas tree. It was fabulous.

From there we pretended to party our faces off for the camera (the song is called Drinkin' Tonight, after all) and chomped down on Jimmy Johns right alongside the band members. All-around super cool experience. And with that I present to you all my ska/white-boy-reggae inspired playlist. Enjoy.

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  1. I'm pretty sure I have your shirt. Now I feel awesome ;)


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