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What I Wore

Shirt: Cotton On // Boots: Steve Madden // Shorts: TJ Maxx 
Shirt: Old Navy // Skirt: Goodwill // Belt: Charlotte Russe // Shoes: Steve Madden
Dress: Lauren Conrad // Shoes: Target
Shirt: Brit // Jeans: Hollister?
Shirt: PacSun // Pants: ???
Dress: Old Navy // Shoes: Payless // Belt: Target

Does anyone else, like, really hate wearing jeans that have been hiding in your dresser all summer?
I officially deem "love handles" to be "hate handles." Dresses are far more forgiving. Maybe I should join this chick in her Dress Dare project.. (How cool is that?)
Next time I try on those jeans I might just have to read this out loud.
Much better.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. Umm, hells yes!! Join the dress dare, woman. Oh, and come live with me on the beach.

    That is all.

  2. Do you ever have an outfit that isn't cute? I love them all! New goal in life: to get tiny enough to wear some sweet lace shorts ;)

  3. Oh, feminine side so much more beautiful, throw away those jeans :)
    God bless your day!

  4. What great outfits! You have such a great style! --stopping by from WIWW

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  5. Your outfits are super cute! I've heard so much about this Cotton On place. I really need to check it out. I heard they recently opened one in Millenia so I have no excuses now.

  6. Im in love with the first two outfits on hr left side! so cute! I wish i could do the dress dare to bad ilive in freezing cold mn!


  7. You are gorgeous.
    Seriously. you always look so cute!


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