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Sunday Confessions

1. I'm so bad at keeping up with my nail painting. I don't know how you crazies do it. I currently have one nail on each hand that is completely polish-less. And I am sitting in front of all the supplies I need to fix this and yet I am typing away and watching "American Dad."
2. I currently have a huge bump and bruise on my head and I have no clue how it got there.
3. This week I've consumed a ridiculous amount of cake, rice, noodles, chips, Sonic and even some accidental real-life dairy butter (not to mention tequila). #mybodyhatesme
4. I had to do two separate loads of laundry the other day because the mountain of dirty clothes in my room was insurmountable. I have yet to put any of these clothes in my drawers and again, here I am watching tv.
5. I sometimes get excited when I hear a catchy new song on the radio until I come to the cruel conclusion that it's actually just a commercial for a lawyer referral service
6. After leaving my lunch creation's (which involved garlic) container in my car overnight, it now smells like straight up rancid baby vomit. For real.
7. I'm so stoked for fall. I wish I could just hang out at a pumpkin patch all day. 
8. I have a terrible habit of drunk texting lately. My phone needs a retract-text button.
9. I have a BIG lesbian crush on this chick and I've seen every single one of her videos. All of 'em.
10. Every time I see a commercial for this movie, I giggle like a little school girl. Totes have a girl crush on Fat Amy too. This. hahaha


  1. My (very large) bedroom floor is completely covered in clean clothes. I am too irresponsible to put them away. What is wrong with us?!

  2. I'm the same way with the nail painting thing... Usually because after Day 2 of having polish on, I've managed to chip it and wreck it.. and I'm all like, "Why do I bother? This takes too much time!"

  3. I always get bruises and I don't know where they come from! It is terrible!

  4. I hate taking off my nail polish properly, so unfortunately I tend to let it all come off on its own before I repaint my nails...which means they look pretty bad for half the week...but I can't stand the smell of nail polish remover!

  5. I haven't painted my nails in ages, and when I do... i just pick at it. It's ridiculous.
    And if your body hates you, mine hates me, too. pizza, ice cream, cake, candy, chinese food... mmmm.

    Thansk for linking up1


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