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Music Monday

Here are some of the playlists I've been listening to obsessively on Songza (which is a music concierge app/website.. perfect for lazy/eclectic music lovers like myself. Also, how do I get a job there?!).

I listened to these angry boys/super-catchy songs from the 2000s while at the gym.

90s + Alternative rock = Perfect Combo

90s #1 hits. Yes. I spent a lot of time rockin' out to TLC because of this one (and trying not to sing out loud at work).

And of course any time I have the opportunity to learn new indie/folksy songs I say 'Yes, please!'

I've also listened to my fair share of 80s rock ballads and fun, sunny country sing-alongs.

And because I just heard this song..

You're welcome.
(Blake Lively is one lucky biznatch.)


  1. Hahahaha. Love the Just Friends video. And thanks for introducing me to Songza!

  2. Wow. I had NO clue about this Songza! Thanks for sharing!!
    Glad to be sponsor swapping with ya!!


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