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Sunday Confessions

I've been a pretty big fan of Every Day is a New Adventure for a while now, and I've always thought about participating in the "Sunday Confessions" linkup, but I felt as though my confessions would pale in comparison to hers. Plus, I'm a saint, so there's not much to confess (it has nothing to do with the fact that my actual confessions should not be shared over the internetz... not at all.)

But here I am on Sunday, givin' it a whirl. Here goes nothing. Now entering.. *No Judgement Zone*

I confess that I have slipped up a little on my Whole30 diet in the past couple of days. This cup of coffee contains coconut milk creamer, but I didn't realize when I bought it that it had some added sugar of some sort in there. It tasted way too good to not contain some sort of sweetener. I don't, however, feel that this calls for a whole 30 more days. I don't think I can handle it when I'm already almost half way through. Also, last night I had a piece of lactose-free cheese that contains dairy.. I was punished with bloating and stomach ickiness, so live and learn I suppose. No more of that. Promise.
I confess that this coffee cup made me miss Seattle. Like, a lot. I wish I was still there.

I confess that this little girl, my baby cousin Addy, makes me want a baby. Despite not having a legit salary/husband/stable living situation. I don't care. This angel smiles, gives me a hug and makes me want one of my own*. However, I confess that I'm not sure I'd ever be selfless enough to have my own child. Ever. Oh, conflicting confessions. What's a girl to do? ;)
*So not actually going to happen. Don't worry, mom.

I confess that I could eat the ENTIRE tub of this sunflower seed butter. It's freaking amaze-balls. 
I confess that going 13 days without weighing myself has been driving me a little crazy. (This is part of the Whole30 program, you're not allowed to know your weight until 30 days are over.) I wasn't anticipating this, but I so want to know. I didn't even used to own a scale when I lived in my apartment, and apparently living at home has made me dependent on it. Who knew I had so many addictions? Speaking of.. I confess that I really miss drinking Coke Zero. I know I shouldn't drink it, but I want it so bad. I confess that running has not been easy for me lately. Maybe it's because I've been bringing my fat pup along on my runs, or the crazy humidity, but I've been seriously slacking in my mileage. I guess I still haven't experience the rejuvenating effects of the Whole30 yet, but I still have 17 more days to go. I confess that I've been daydreaming about what foods I'm going to indulge in on September 7. And yes, food is on my mind a lot lately. I think I've landed on sushi. 

I confess that while I'm totally happy for all these couples getting engaged lately (i.e. everyone), I die a little inside every time I see a Facebook status changed to "engaged." And really, Facebook? Is it really necessary to remind me that they're all happy and have their lives figured out by displaying it above the birthdays and events? As if I'm not already stalking the $hit out of these people for lack of anything better to do? 
I confess that I am beyond ready to move out of this small town. January could not get here quick enough. I confess that I'm going to need to do some serious learning about budgeting before January comes. Anyone want to teach me about extreme couponing? Not to mention ridding myself of my hoarding tendencies.

And lastly, I confess that I spent Saturday night after work in bed reading my kindle. Grandma status.

Happy Sunday, friends. 


  1. I think these confessions are great! I'm with you on the engagement thing!

  2. I climbed into bed on Saturday night at 9pm, read an actual book, and was asleep before 11. Legit Grandma status.

  3. LOVE your confessions. I am RIGHT there with you on Saturday nights. Actually, Friday, Saturday, Sunday all this week! GRANDMA!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  4. Dude Mike bought me a kindle last week, and I am practically DYING waitng for it to get here. Like, I have a list of all the books that I'm going to read, and I don't think I've ever been so excited. Don't be surprised if I join your grandma status every single weekend from now on.

    Thanks for linking up, and holy cow, you are a champ for trying that 30-day thing - that must be tough!

  5. Love these confessions!
    Don't worry too much about the budgeting. When I first moved out on my own, I watched my bank account like a hawk because I suddenly NEEDED there to be money in there. haha. My one tip (if you don't already) is to set up a text message alert from your bank that tells you your balance each day. I'm awful with a checkbook but I can tell when the red numbers are getting *way too close* for comfort.

  6. I followed you because like all of these things are me as well and that is the gospel truth. I've never had sunflower butter before but it sounds yuuuuuummy.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your confessions! I agree with the Facebook relationship is really just so superfluous. Who needs to know really? It's all for the sake of stalking :)

  8. I totally get the baby thing. It's just nature's way.Plus little Addy is so dang cute. Your turn will come and you will be glad you waited. Love confessions

  9. I'm completely with you on the engagement thing... I swear I see a new one pop-up every 2 days.... pretty soon... I won't have any single friends left!!!!!!!!!


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