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Week In Photos

From top left clockwise: Epic sushi date with my sister; Cuddle time with Ziggy; New nail polish color; Oh hey, I actually got to wear my hair down once this week
Fashion show at work; My little pony, Bumblesweet, goofing around at Steak 'n Shake; Chocolate stilettos at a cute shop in Orlando where we went to pick out bridesmaid dresses today.

This whole week has been all about working and schooling. I apologize for my absence on here lately, but the truth is I haven't been doing a whole lot of blog-worthy stuff. I've been eating terribly (see Steak 'n Shake photo above), definitely not cooking, wearing black shirts, pants and shoes every day, sleeping whenever I can and hoping that the blog gods will bless me with some inspiration for interesting posts. But as it is, my heart hasn't been into it and my head has been elsewhere. Perhaps I'll be brave and write about it one day, but for now I'll have to settle for Instagram photos and cryptic text. 

The good news is today I got to spend my day off with several wonderful friends as I watched Jessica take one step closer to being married by ordering her gorgeous wedding gown. I am beyond grateful for friends, laughter and joyous occasions to look forward to. 

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