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Damn the man! Save the Empire!

I'm really into movies, but I'm definitely not a trivia-packin' movie buff. I like to laugh and feel good when watching a movie. I like to relate and cry sometimes, but mostly I want a movie to make me laugh out loud even when I'm watching it all alone in my bedroom. I like to try to memorize the lines that are so brilliant and clever that they'd never actually happen in real life, but the characters in movies just have them at the tips of their tongues. I secretly fantasize about being that person writing the script that came up with such a perfect sentence, quip, joke, description of life. One of these movies that I watch over and over again (pretty much all of them have been introduced to me by my sister, Britni, who actually is a pop culture trivia genius) is Empire Records. I watched it on Netflix last night and remembered why I've been obsessed with it for so long (if you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed its quotes blowing up your feed last night).

If you haven't seen it, it's about a bunch of screwed up 17 to 23 year-old music lovers working at a record store who have to save it from being bought out by a huge chain of commercialized  Music Town stores. It's not so much the plot that I love as it is the characters' interactions with each other, their discussions about music, the soundtrack (duh) and their tendency to stop working and have random dance parties throughout the store.

AJ, on the left, is by far one of my biggest (and longest running) movie character crushes -- he's beautiful, loves music and he's an artist. Even with that hair, you can't help but love him. And Lucas, on the right, is definitely the best character in the movie -- after gambling away all of the manager's money within the first 5 minutes of the movie, he spends the rest of the day making philosophical statements and pondering the meaning of life.

Watch this and tell me it doesn't just look like an awesome time. Let me know how you feel about the movie if you've seen it, and if you haven't, I highly recommend you log on to Netflix right now and start watching.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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