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Clockwise from the left: My last day of being an unemployed bum spent lying in the sun, drinking tea and reading; damn, it feels good to be a gangster, at McDonald's...on a Monday night; my smooshy face pup loves watching The Biggest Loser too; Oh, hai super cheap aztec print bathing suit top that I love from PacSun.
I ran 6 miles quickly, no thanks to my tubster pup, and the last .83 were spent trying to find my way back and keep Ziggy from passing out; "Mom, just slow down! I has too much fur!"; Greenway trail, great for running, greater for getting lost; I bought such colorful socks, they make my toes happy (this is the ONLY time the two orange ones will be worn together: straight from the package.)

Song of the day:

I'm officially on Spring Break, y'all. 
Who wants to party?

Happy Friday.

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