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Silence! I Keel You!

I know I planned on dedicating the weekend to cleaning and studying, but... In addition to running 9 miles, cooking delicious food, reading (and otherwise procrastinating from cleaning my room/studying)...
I went to go see Jeff Dunham last night!!! For those of you who don't know who he is, he's an awesome ventriloquist and my nephew just so happens to be a huge fan, so my sisters got him tickets to see him perform live in Daytona for his birthday. (Un)Fortunately my sister, Britni, got sick at the last minute and was unable to go, soooo this guy got to go instead!

My nephew, Andy, and his friend Max; Ketchup-face; My sister, Brandy, and myself
We ate at Johnny Rockets, goofed around for my iPhone camera, played Temple Run (It's a big hit with 11-year-old boys too, go figure!), bought cotton candy and laughed our booties off as J.D. talked to himself in many different voices all with his mouth closed. So cool. Now I can cross "See live ventriloquist" off my bucket list. I'd call that a win. Check below for some lawling at the expense of Peanut and Jose the Jalapeno.

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