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InstaFriday / Friday's Letters

Dear iPhone, thanks for having a reversible camera that allows me to look at myself while taking a picture. It's incredibly useful, especially when taking a self-portrait at a red light on my way to Gainesville for a photo shoot (for 6dollarshirts!). Annnnd for InstaGram because it completes me. XOXO, Kens

Dear Ziggy, I'm sorry I've been abandoning you so often lately. This weekend is all about you and me. I'm talkin' jogging, dog-parking, treats, you name it.You will be the highlight of my weekend since I've dedicated the rest of it to cleaning my scary room and reading for scary chemistry (UGHHH). Love, Yo mama

Dear Nicole, I LOVE THIS NAIL POLISH. It has actually lasted almost a whole week on my fingers and that is a huge deal for me since I usually peel off nail polish within 48 hours. Also, it's really cute. Love, your blog swap partner

Dear InPink, Your jewelry is ahh-mazing and I can't get over how much I love this necklace!! Seriously, getting packages in the mail is like a little dose of Christmas. Plus, it was fo' FREE since I won a gift card for $40 from a blog (I can't remember which one because it was forever ago!!). Love, Happy Customer

Dear Bod, I'm not sure if I should say 'sorry' or 'you're welcome' for not making you run all week. I've been trying to give your ankles and left knee a rest since you allowed me to do 4 miles last Friday this fast and it made me reallllly excited (I've been a lot slower ever since injuring my knee). I will continue to experiment with wearing my five fingers alternated with my good old running shoes to protect the ankles. Love, me

Dear blog readers, Please continue to keep my Grandma in your thoughts and prayers and whatever else. She had her surgery a couple days ago and seems to be doing well, but she is still at the hospital. Also, check out this awesome photo of a photo my sister, Britni, captured on InstaGram. (She's on the left)

Toldya she was feisty. ;)




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