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InstaFriday/Friday's Letters

Dear Tennis Shoes,
Apparently I have forgotten how to wear you due to a "Born to Run" induced anxiety about  clunky-heeled running footwear. My form COMPLETELY changes when I wear you & not in a good way. You will only be worn at the gym.

Dear Treadmill,
I have a love/hate relationship with you. You force me to stare at you constantly during my run watching the little fluorescent green numbers sluggishly increase. But if it weren't for you, I would've skipped out on my long run (7 miles this week) due to rain. So thanks, friend.

Dear Ziggy,
Thanks for trying to bathe me by licking the sweat off my legs after I run. You never fail to do it & I never fail to think it's funny get grossed out. Also, you need to stop hogging the bed. You're only 40 pounds, you don't need THAT much room!
-Yo mama

Dear Jessica,
Thanks for making this delicious protein shake for me. My legs are on fire from our gym sesh. Walking to class was a chore this morning.
-Your Biff

Dear Florida,
It's pretty cool that you allow me to lay out mid-January. Weird, but cool. If only my skin were capable of being tan..
-Freckly Resident

Dear Blog Readers,
How flippin' cool are these boots I thrifted?!??!

Happy Friday!!

Keep it classy this weekend! ;)


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